Wyoming Session

The crew headed out Wyoming way to the #rastaresort for some fast and technical runs, here are some photos I got on the last run of the day.

Jake Rangin through "lookout"

Jake Rangin through “lookout”


Jonny and Knox

These two are too cute together. Glad Utah finally passed gay marriage! Congrats guys!

Knox Heslop Photo

Knox Heslop Photo

Jake Wilkinson Photo

Jake Wilkinson Photo

The Holy Land

Praise Jah Lion

Praise Jah Lion Photo: Jake Wilkinson

Dalton Heelside SLUT

Photo: Jake Wilkinson

Connor Garage

Photo: Jake Wilkinson

Micah Toefarm

Photo: Jake Wilkinson

Zach Toeside 2

Photo: Jake Wilkinson

Group shot

Photo: Jake “Mole Bowl” Wilkinson


Masta Flash and C-Wig get ready to drop in

Masta Flash and C-Wig get ready to drop in Photo: Jake Wilkinson

A Day In Farmerville


Some SL,UTs made the pilgrimage out to the holy farmland. Check it out.

Afterschool Bangers Pt. 2

The SL,UT groms are at it again, check out the second edition of their post-education bangin.

Spring Shenanigans

Jake, Jonny and I filmed for a couple days, this was the result.


Jake Squatting into the sunset


Jake lifestyle


Jake jusss chillin


Jake chillin wit no make up on


Dis his serious face

Spring Quickie


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