SL,UT Feature: Andrew Baird

Andrew Baird

Words and photos by Doug Tolman

Andy has been mobbing hills and doing big slides since before you bought your first Tan Tien. He has the undeniable ability to not skate for 6 months, then show up to a session and show everyone else up. Here is a look-back at some of the content I have of Andy since I started following him around taking photos in 2012, just to prove he has always been better than you.

The only one at EK’s Skater-Q who would send the roller like this, he paid the price with a few hard slams.

Andy also has a thing for dedicating his whole life to one board for a whole year, then completely changing his mind and riding something totally different (Note the Peacemaker, Evo, Dubler, etc…).

The photo that epitomizes SL,UT City Skating to me (Note Jake lurking and stunting in his rasta t). Again, note the setup: Evo with Rogues and Cadillacs. Really good for boneless’s.

Leading Micah G through the maze of trails in Farmville. Last I checked he had this shot on his debit card.

Steezing down backside of Cowboy Trail

Popping into the daylight

A shady toeside on Gnarnia(RIP) circa 2012

Skate everything.

Gnarnia(RIP) gif. The smile in the last frame makes it a winner.

This comment explains a lot.

This comment explains a lot.

This dude has been a staple in our scene for years, skating everything from hills to parks to dirt roads, and always with a smile on his face, thanks Andy!

And last but not least, a flowy raw run down a rough road.

SL,UT GROMS: Wizard Squad

Our gross may not like going fast or putting a hand down, but they do know how to make janky edits of big standup slides. Watch this little vid from some little sl,uts

Rumble At the Ranch

Y’all might have heard of a little race in California put on by Riviera skateboards last month called Rumble At The Ranch. You may have also heard that a few SL,UT locals Micah Green and Kalil Hammouri went down to race it. Even though the actual race happened in December, the race heats have been sequentially released throughout the last few weeks, check out the Rumble’s website to watch. Each day we’ve been checking back to see how SL,UT has held up, with Kalil making it to the second round, and Micah beating out big names like Zak Maytum, Max Ballesteros, and AJ Haiby to make it into the finals which will be showing tomorrow (1/25). Watch this latest video of his semi-finals heat and stay stoked for his heat against our Rad-Train compadre Jimmy Riha.

NÜD x Dylan Whittier

The NÜD Crew (Northern Utah Downhill) are a gaggle of SL,UT ambassadors from up narth, peep their recent edit of homeboy Dylan Whittier!


SoSaRi Groms: Bad Boy Teenager Club

The boys from down in suburbia dropped this artsy little vid of a hit and quit gem somewhere in Poland, check it out!

Drang Longboards: Micheal Apgood

This kid is half your size, younger than your little sister, and probably shreds harder than you.

Knox Heslop – Rasta Resort

Its safe to say that Knox is a shredder. Take a couple minutes to watch him skate faster than you do.


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