NÜD x Dylan Whittier

The NÜD Crew (Northern Utah Downhill) are a gaggle of SL,UT ambassadors from up narth, peep their recent edit of homeboy Dylan Whittier!


SoSaRi Groms: Bad Boy Teenager Club

The boys from down in suburbia dropped this artsy little vid of a hit and quit gem somewhere in Poland, check it out!

Drang Longboards: Micheal Apgood

This kid is half your size, younger than your little sister, and probably shreds harder than you.

Knox Heslop – Rasta Resort

Its safe to say that Knox is a shredder. Take a couple minutes to watch him skate faster than you do.

Jake Wilkinson F.H.R.I.T.P.

Follow Jake Wilkinson down a local run. Fuck her right in the pussy.

Tip Toein

Jake Wilkinson drops some bangers. Knox Heslop film and edit.

A Midsummer Morning’s Dream

Watch a crew of sl,uts skate their summer away.


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