2012 Halloween Mystery Skateboard Race

The annual Halloween Mystery Outlaw has been going on for 5 years now, and race organizer Micah Green hit the nail on the head with a fun, well organized, and very spooky race for the 5th year in a row. This year, riders met at the bottom of Memory Grove park, where heats were all set up, details were given out, and costumes were shown off. Riders were then sent to the top of the hill to start some very spooky racing.

Riders gathering at the bottom of the run
Knox Heslop photo

A couple of goons cheating their way up the hill
(Knox Heslop Photo)

Officer Dick showed up at the race, with a warrant to kick some ass
(Knox Heslop Photo)

Once all the riders made the trek to the top of the hill, it was time to get some intense racing underway.

Ryan “The Deer Hunter” Vitale hunting down his competition (Knox Heslop photo)

Ian Richter rolling quick through the leaves (Val Douroux photo)

3RING holding down through the rough pavement (Val Douroux photo)

Girls can race too!

Dillon going fast at his first race
(Val Douroux photo)

The rough pavement and potholes made for some low speed sketchiness (Knox Heslop photo)

Finals with a one push limit off the start line
(Val Douroux photo)

Michal “Shred Gnar” leading the pack towards the finish line (Knox Heslop photo)

Michal “Shred Gnar” took first place, with SL,UT City Skaters Micah Green in second, and Doug Tolman holding down third  (Val Douroux photo)

Once racing was finished, everyone went over to the local slide hill to eat some pizza’s and get our jam

Micah Green getting sideways (Doug Tolman photo)

Jake Wilkinson Innovating

3 rng ninja Nick Adams doing his thing

Ian Richter getting the break dancing competition underway

Dalton Bartholomew going stalefishing

Nick Adams doing on of his screeching loud standups.

This race was a great success, everyone had a spooky great time. Thanks to Micah for organizing it, and everyone else for showing up and having fun!

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