2012 Utah Year in Review.

This year in Utah showed more stoke and improvement than ever before. Spring and Summer weekends were full of outlaw racing, longest slide contests, and early morning mountain pass bombing. Skating progressed more quickly in our scene than it ever has before, and we now are faster than ever. Many fast locals traveled to Canada, Washington, California, Oregon, Colorado, and even El Salvador for racing.

The year started out with mellow outlaws almost every Saturday during March and April

Micah and Connor at the Suncrest Outlaw, Utah’s fastest race.(Garret Creamer photo)

Jared Nelson avoiding cones at the Daybreak Downhill and Slalom race (Todd Smith photo)

Connor Wagner and Jojo Lyman in the Downhill portion (Fred Heslop photo)

Micah Green and Scott Hamilton were both invited to the Laguna Seca Invitational in Californa mid spring

Scott Hamilton in front of some of the world’s fastest (Connor Wagner photo)

A small crew of OG SL,UTs got invited to race in the Catalina Island Classic presented by Riviera Skateboards a few weeks afterwards

Homie Zac Baca leading (1904 photo)

Come April, Utah Dawn Patrol formed into it’s own entity, with a small group of fast skaters hitting some of the gnarliest hills in the state before the dawn rises

The fastest filmed run of our favorite road

Jake Wilkinson throwing a switch check on an awesome new road (Doug Tolman photo)

EK Shaffer threw the most awesomely sketchy event of the year, and made it FREE for all entrants, most of which got 2 or 3 prizes each.

Andrew Baird flying off the dinosaur kicker (Doug Tolman photo)

Taylor Osborn on the wallride (Doug Tolman photo)

Utah’s biggest crew yet hit up the Maryhill Loops Road for the Festival of Speed this year.

Connor Wagner leading through the “never-ending left” (Doug Tolman photo)

Myself in the middle of a juniors heat at the Festival of Speed (1904 photo)

Bryce Brady being all aero-like behind Chip Wood (Skatehouse photo)

A solid caravan of SL,UTs raced in the World Championships at Calgary this year

Ty Gregg grippin’ and rippin’ (Andy Russell photo)

Jake Wilkinson out in front (Andy Russell photo)

A 2 day outlaw happened in Huntsville that ended in half the racers getting tickets. I got last place

Conner Wagner leading Ryan Vitale on a sem-closed road (Denny Akiyama photo)

Buffalo Bill made our state and sport famous with the help of Ryan

From back to front: Micah, Doug, Trevor, Ty, and Jake pack riding at Buffalo Bill (Danieal Luna photo)

Jake and Doug losing to Chance Gaul

Curt Chapman and myself hosted Daybreak # 2 the biggest race Utah has seen yet, with 75 registered racers. Bryce Brady took home 1st place in both Downhill and Overall.

Matts Proser swagging. (Knox Heslop photo)

Ryan Vitale passing Jake

The 5th annual Halloween Mystery Skateboard race happened at Memory Grove park this year, full of sketchy pavement and pedestrians everywhere, a fun time was had.

Michal “Shred Gnar” leading Micah, myself, and Ryan (Knox photo)

The large turnout made for a spooky fun time (Knox photo)

The most recent event, Skatesgiving went down for the second year in a row, and Taylor Osborn won  it, along with 2 garage races and a slide jam all in one week

Taylor leading Ryan Cloward around the off camber hairpin at Skatesgiving (Sydney Ricketts photo)

Last year’s champion Justin Tingey sliding the corner (Sydney Ricketts photo)

Sam Ivey at the Drang Thanesgiving slide jam a few weeks ago (Micah Green photo)

A lot of notable things happened this year; I beat Ryan at Maryhill, Jake Wilkinson got his flow, Young Buck Vitale hit a deer and got famous for two weeks. Shit, Ty Gregg even learned how to skate fast. This year was truly the best and most progressive years of skating I’ve seen, and hopefully it will be even better next year.

-Doug Tolman


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