New “Speedboard” Revolutionizes Downhill Skateboard Racing.

The folks over at Purpose Boards have recently revolutionized skateboard design by creating a new category of skateboarding called “speedboarding”.  As seen in their kickstarter campaign, the board has a platform that forces you into a crouched racing position, allowing you to zoom past your opponents.

Head team rider Matt Gibson of Farmington Utah who rides his prototype board with Other Planet trucks and Shark Wheels had this to say about the revolutionary design:

“I’ve always have had trouble keeping up with older kids like Jake Trotta, but aerodynamic design and futuristic engineering of this chunder board make it almost too easy”

Although the company seems blatantly unaware that the term “speedboarding” has been around since before their mothers accidentally put bleach in their sippy cups and also the fact that Fivemile has been using a similar, but much more functional shape for years, we here at  SL,UT City Skating are all saving up to contribute $5,000 to this campaign so we get our limited edition speedboards with real platinum inside.

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