Catalina Island Classic 2014

Connor rooftop

Wigidy starts the weekend off right with a rooftop cold one.

All photos taken by Jake Wilkinson

Jake Copfer

The SCS crew stopped by Vegas on the way. Homie Jake Copfer showed us around the strip and abundant parking garages and hooked us up with a place to rest our heads. Thanks son!


Sin City, the home of Annabelle The Farmer’s Daughter.

Vegas Mike

A skate trip isn’t complete with “Vegas” Mike Snyder. He’s always got something to say that will make you piss your pants. By the way, he doesn’t have Snapchat but he has had the Clap a couple times.

Fuckin Pigs

Fresh off the ferry we were greeted by a couple police officers and a drug dog. Let’s just say a couple of us got infractions.

Mini ramp

An unknown rider Disaters the mini. The ramp was right in the center of downtown Avalon with a surreal view of the ocean. So rasta.

Snake lady

An Avalon local shows of her corn snake. I fucking hate snakes.

Connor Micah close up

The boys were entranced with the bangers going down on the mini.


The Avalon Bay. Beautiful.

Andrew Chapman

The course is extremely unique. Everyone had their own lines and maneuvers to take them how they wanted. Andrew Chapman stands up through the left in preparation for the abrupt right.

Jeff toeside

Jeff Budro mobs a left. Thanks for the hospitality and beers dawg!

Kevin and Pswiss toeside

K-rimes and P-swiss were charging all day. Here they are mid-race heat.

Louis, Zak, Garret, Budro

Louis Pilloni leads Zak Maytum, Garret Creamer, and Jeff Budro through one of the chicanes.

Louis, Zak, James

The surrounding mountains offered beautiful perches to watch the racing go down. Louis leads Zak and James.

Mike fitter heavy shitter

While the ladies were racing, Mike Fitter poached some runs and threw down some buttered up squatters. Killin’ it.

RIght turn crash

Crashing wasn’t uncommon in the off camber rights.

Louis and Zak

Louie P gannigizes .

Aj left

Catalina Classic 2014 Champion, Aj Haiby rallies into the third to last corner. So stoked for you homie! Well deserved!

Krimes Upper

Kevin straight lines.

Connor bets

Connor Wagner held down the racing bets.


Everyone had their money on AJ.


The Catalina locals are down with dabs.


Unfortunately this was the best photo I was able to get of the finals. Aj leads into the last corner.


AJ Haiby getting lifted up onto the podium. Killed it dawg!!


The weekend was ended with a killer night in one of the local bars. Fuck yeah underage drinking!



1st – AJ Haiby

2nd – Zak Maytum

3rd – Kevin Reimer

4th – Dillon Stephens

5th – Jomar Guzman

6th – Patrick Switzer

7th – Louis Pilloni

8th – Adam Persson

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