Speedy Southern Session

Words and photos by Doug Tolman

Fall in the air, fresh pavement under your wheels, yellow leaves flying by at 70mph. Pure bliss.

The wave of skate stoke has its ups and downs, sometimes organizing a session is harder than the skating that happens in it. This year the skate gods have blessed us with many fresh roads in the great salty state, so Riley and myself ventured south this week to skate the dankest of danks. Here is a recap to remind you all how rad our state is and to go git sum before it is all covered in snow.

Session started out with a little camping and dawn patrol on the home hill, good warm-up for the terrain to come.

Riley chasing Anthony and Eli down Cowboy Trail

Daltonic staying low

After a solid morning of skating we split from the crew and headed south for the uncharted goods. Riley’s first descent on this freshly paved highway bomb clocked at 69mph from my speedometer, safe to say the following runs only got faster (see video).

Riley riding the wave

Standard squatter into the apex

After exploring exactly how much adrenaline one can handle while still holding their shit down, we ventured next door to the Rasta Resort where we met up with Dylan.

Synchronized sliding through a switchback. Dylan Lee photo.

Myself and Riley synchronized sliding through a switchback.
Dylan Lee photo.

Welcome to Rasta Mountain

A hairy line through the bottom section

Though numbers were small, skating was heavy. Look forward to some more media from more field trips, now go skate through some pretty fall trees.

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