The Lost Files


Words and Photos by Doug Tolman

It’s no secret that Nor-Am events are few and far between these days. Insurance, hay bales and timing systems are all expenses preventing peeps from hosting ‘legitimate’ events. There are a few rad freeride events like Giant’s Head and KNK going down, but it’s apparent that a lot of destination-skating has migrated away from the race scene. By no means does that imply the heavy pack skating has stopped, now it’s just under the radar. As shown in a few previous articles, the best downhill skaters in the west have been stopping by our local slab of pavement for some steep skids and heavy hits.

I thought I’d lost a good chunk of the photos from one particularly deep session last month, but recently the skate gods blessed me with a treasure greater than the outcome of any train-robbery. Here are the goods.


Zak Maytum digging in


Trevor Ovenden and Riley Irvine on edge


A steezy Colorado Grom getting his kicks on a flying space rock


A broke-off Micah Green prepares some brats for the boys


Simon Sneethan made it all the way from Washington


Not a “lost file”, but too good not to include


Kalil may have moved out Cali-forny way, but he still skates the hill as much as anyone


The crew rallied together to get James out of the ditch after a 50 mph cliff huck


His board and pelvis both took a beating


James getting down before the crash


Austin Pedroni used his floral camouflage a lot


This shot from the top was worth almost getting attacked by a sheep-dog


Dylan Hepworth leads a big pack through a tight right


It’s usually hard to judge speed with a photo, but this one hints at it

With the ski resorts getting dumped on as I type this, Rasta Resort probably is too. So long for now, best in the west.


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